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What’s included…

Writing Challenge 2

Plan and plot your book

Create your novel, premise to final draft, using a writing software that lets you do all the planning you need: logline, synopsis, timeline, chapters, and scenes.

All the research done for your book, characters’ files, settings, and the manuscript structure will be easily accessible in one place.

Write anywhere with our writing software

The manuscript module makes writing easy and intuitive, with an efficient way of connecting to the backbone of your book – project planning module.

The manuscript structure can be change in seconds and you can export your final story to eBook (ePub format) with one click.

Writing Challenge 3
Writing Challenge 4

Daily planning – Kanban Board 

Reach efficiency through focus. The built-in Kanban tool offers complete flexibility, respecting the emotional nature of inspiration, and keeps you motivated to finish what you started.

Daily planning is simple and the manuscript has the real principle of a Kanban Card incorporated so you can focus on your writing and your writing only.

Visualize insights into your work with Asengana Analytics.

Better visibility over your writing process so you can instantly know if you’re progressing as planned. Understand how the lifeline of your characters fits in the timeline of your story with Time Map.

Be aware in every moment of your progress and the changes you need to implement in your time allocation so you can reach your deadline.

Writing Challenge 5

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Warning: The 30-day write a short story challenge is not for everyone…

Try it if:

  • You are a seasoned author who wants to find all his favorite tools in one place
  • You went to through a writing course and want to find the practical applications of the theory you learned and the writing exercises you’ve done..
  • It’s the first time you write a story and you want to use the tools a professional writer uses

Here’s everything you need to do…

Writing Challenge 6


  1. Do your research. Define your characters, location, plot, and more.
  2. Plan your story’s scene and manuscript structure.
  3. Select the scenes you will write in a day using Kanban Board.
  4. Write every day monitoring your progress with Burndown Chart.
  5. Take time to review and export your final draft story to ePub format.
  6. Decide if Asengana Writing and Project Management Platform for Authors is the right tool for you and become a member.

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Join now and gain full access for 30 days – no hidden fees!

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