The story

Once upon a time, on a Greek island, my 2 years old son used his own invented names for the people he met. He named Asengana one of the girls he played with in the hotel. I thought: hey, this is a good name for a character in my story. We live in a magic world where human language creates surprising connections. A world where a Romanian speaking boy identified a Greek girl using a word that actually means “child” in Zulu: “asengana”.

As a writer, every book I write is my child. It seemed right to name Asengana a simple and powerful project management tool for writers.

The year and a half in which we worked to develop Asengana was for me a year away from my virtual children. I still wrote ideas and researched for my novels and short stories, but I waited impatiently for the day in which I will put all the information in one place so my ideas could grow into beautiful stories: the best writing platform I and my friends can create.

This is the beginning of Asengana. The rest of the story it will be written by the members of our community. Every writer, reader, editor, translator, and cover designer will shape Asengana into becoming the best writing platform and project management tool for writers.