Essential Writer

$6.75/month (billed yearly)

$9/month (billed monthly)

The cornerstone of any writing project

30 writing projects
Planning and Research Modules
Kanban Board 2.0
Manuscript Module 1.0
Analytics Module 1.0
FREE access to future modules

*free trial - 30 days
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Premium Writer

$11.25/month (billed yearly)

$15/month (billed monthly)

The cornerstone of any writing project

100 writing projects
Planning and Research Modules
Kanban Board 2.0
Manuscript Module 1.0
Analytics Module 1.0
Access to Beta features
FREE access to future modules

*free trial - 30 days
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Modules available at launch:

Manuscript v1.0 Plantser

An efficient writing module with a friendly user interface

Kanban Project Management

Daily planning of your writing. Reach efficiency through focus.

Research Module

Manuscript Structure management and all your research one click away.

Analytics Module v1.0

Monitor your writing progress. Insights into your characters’ journey and story timeline.

Modules in development:

Analytics Module v2.0

ETA – September 2020

Editors module

ETA – December 2020

Writing Contests Module

ETA – February 2021

Manuscript v2.0

ETA – June 2021

Collaborative writing module

ETA – March 2021

Asengana Ambasador Club

ETA – August 2021

Service Desk Support

As a member, you have access to direct support. We will answer your questions and have answers included in our tutorials.

Suspend / delete your account anytime

You can suspend your account for up to one year with no penalty or delete your account at any moment.


What is a free trial?

A free trial subscription allows you to evaluate our platform for a specified period – 30 days – at no initial cost to you.  To activate any free trial membership, you must enroll as an Asengana Member and be authenticated prior to accessing your account.  

If you wish to continue your subscription beyond the trial membership period, do nothing and we will automatically continue your subscription without interruption until you decide to cancel. If you do not cancel your trial membership before it expires, your credit or debit card will be automatically billed for the product in question. If you decide not to continue your free trial, simply end the trial before it expires. You will maintain access for a year to your work – all your research and manuscripts.

Why is a credit card required for a free trial?

The main reason is the security of our users’s payment information and our platform. Our subscriptions are managed by Stripe, one of the largest online payments processing companies in the world. We do not charge your credit card and will notify you about the end of the trial period. During the 30 days period, you will receive three notifications about your trial status, two emails from us and one from Stripe, providing you with the choice of ending the trial at any moment.

What happens if I want to suspend or delete my account?

If you want to take a break from writing, you can stop your subscription payment and SUSPEND your account. The suspended status activates at the end of your subscription period (the end of the respective month or the rest of the yearly subscription remained to date). You will have access to download your projects as they were on the last day of your subscription. Your writing is your own. You can reactivate your account anytime and start your projects from where you left them. After a year of inactivity, we will delete your account.

If you DELETE your account. There is a big red button on your account page that does it. Before you delete your account, be sure you saved your projects. We won’t keep any backup of your information once you delete your account.

Are my projects safe on the Asengana Writing Platform?

Passwords – All passwords are salted and hashed with the cryptographic algorithm Bcrypt. This means that all user passwords remain unreadable by external parties.
Platform – We secure your projects with a double encryption method. We use SSL certification and Database Encryption and a backup system that allows us to keep and/or restore our platform in a matter of hours.
Database – We do daily back-ups of the entire platform and run a parallel back-up database synchronized 99.99% with the live platform.

Why would I choose your platform?

Asengana has the writing tools you need to transform your idea into a book and have it eBook ready for publication. We created this company as partners, built a product close to our hearts, and made plans for the long haul. Our development plans include developing all the tools a writer needs not only to write, but the publish, market, and sell a book. Allow us to be part of your writing journey and we will by your side every step of the way.

You should be writing

Power of ownership over the publishing process

Our goal: create the best digital tools for writers.

*free trial - 30 days
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