Current FEATURES of Asengana Writing and Product Management Platform

Awesome Features 1

Story Templates

You can create your book project from scratch or use a template. Set your planned Start Date and Finish Date to activate the project management features.

Awesome Features 2

Research Notes

Gather all your notes and research in one place.
Use them for your story and also to create content for blog posts to promote your book.

Awesome Features 3

Character Profiles

Define the main CHARACTERISTIC, NEED, and MOTIVATION of your character. Visualize in one page relationships with other characters, POV status in manuscript, and more.

Awesome Features 4

Location Management

Define your scene settings based on a single source. Locations are more than a notes repository. The Sensory Map allows you unique insights into the life of your characters.

Awesome Features 5

Manuscript v1.0 Plantser

Write distraction-free and use enhanced tracking features so you can instantly refresh your memory about plot points, characters, and locations related to every scene.

Awesome Features 6

Progressive Building Blocks

Define your story’s Plot Points and your main Characters. Develop the Summary, Outline, and Synopsis to define WHAT happens, to WHOM, WHEN, and WHY.

Start writing today… or you can spend the rest of your days on the couch watching movies based on other people’s books.


Awesome Features 7

Manuscript Structure

Reorder the Scenes in your manuscript easily with drag-and-drop or a click. Edit a Scene’s description during planning or if your story-line goes in a different direction.

Awesome Features 8

Burndown Chart

The Burndown Chart provides real-time status of your daily progress. It provides you with information about how much you should write everyday so you can finish in time.


Cloud and Server Back-up

The entire platform has incremental and daily back-ups to server and Cloud – AWS Storage Gateway – greener AWS data centers – 100% powered by renewable energy.

Awesome Features 9

Export/Conversion to ePub

Save and export your project, full content or just the manuscript. You can convert your book into eBook format with one click and have it ready for online publishing.

Awesome Features 10

Chapter List

Chapter List offers you a detailed view over the Chapters you create and the allocated Scenes for every Chapter. Add, edit, and review every component of your story.

Awesome Features 11

Project Analytics

Advanced analytics – more than just word count. Time Map analytics is a useful timeline for the period in which your story develops, intersecting the lives of your characters.

Awesome Features 12

Kanban Board and Card

Kanban, the backbone of Asengana, is the easy-to-use project mgmt tool that let’s you plan your daily writing schedule, eliminate distractions, and focus on your story bottleneck scenes.

Asengana Writing and Project management for Authors How It Works

Coming soon

New features coming soon…

Plan, write, and finish your book!

Finish your book. Beat the competition. Plan and structure well. Write every day.
Other authors may be more talented than you are, but they will never outwork you if you don’t let them. That’s the one thing you get to control.

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