The cornerstone of any writing project

Set the foundation for your writing success with a powerful project management software for authors.

The cornerstone of any writing project
Plan and research for your book
Keep in one place all the research notes for your book and plan from premise, outline, synopsis, plot structure to characters and locations’ sensory mapping.
Write your book distraction-free
Use templates to create the entire structure of your book, scene by scene – pre-defined plot points – write and manage your manuscript with enhanced tracking features.
Plan daily and monitor your progress
Real Kanban project management for authors and detailed insight into your character’s journey and the timeline of your story so you can focus and get into your writing mindset in seconds.
Get things done - from idea to eBook
You’ll stop wasting work with endless rewrites and manage better your time and when you’re ready to get your book into the world, you can convert to ePub with one click – ready for publishing.

Writing every day is difficult when you have a busy personal and professional life – but it doesn’t have to be!

*free trial - 30 days
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The cornerstone of any writing project

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Current FEATURES of Asengana Writing and Project Management Platform

Story Templates

You can create your book project from scratch or use a template. Set your planned Start Date and Finish Date to activate the project management features.

Character Profiles

Define the main CHARACTERISTIC, NEED,  and MOTIVATION of your character. Visualize in one page relationships with other characters, POV status in manuscript, and more.

Manuscript Structure

Reorder the Scenes in your manuscript easy with drag-and-drop or a click. edit Scene’s description during planning or if your story-line goes in a different direction.

Burndown Chart

The Burndown Chart provides real-time status of your daily progress. It provides you with information about how much you should write everyday so you can finish in time.

Research Notes

Gather all your notes about your story and the research you do. Use them for your story and also to create content for blog posts to promote your book.

Location Management

Define your scene settings based on a single source. Locations are more than a notes depository. The Sensory Map allows you unique insights into the life of your characters.

Chapter List

Chapter List offers you a detailed view over the Chapters you create and the allocated Scenes for every Chapter. Add, edit, and view  every component of your story.

Project Analytics

Advanced analytics – more than just word count. Time Map is a useful timeline of the period in which your story develops, intersecting the lives of your characters.

Progressive Building Blocks

Define your story’s Plot Points and your main Characters. Develop the Summary, Outline, and Synopsis to define WHAT happens, to WHOM, WHEN, and WHY.


Manuscript v1.0 Plantser

Write distraction-free and use enhanced tracking features so you can instantly refresh your references about plot points, characters and locations related to every scene.

Kanban Board and Card

Kanban is the right and easy-to-use project method. Plan every day and use the Kanban Card to eliminate distraction and focus on the story’s bottleneck scenes.

Export/Conversion to ePub

Save and export your project, full content or just the manuscript. You can convert your book in eBook format with one click and have it ready for online publishing.

Your writing sessions just got FASTER, EFFICIENT, and more PRODUCTIVE.

  • Daily planning with a Scene Kanban Board allows you to focus on the number of scenes you plan to write in a day.
  • Refreshing your information about the character, location, settings and place in the timeline of a scene takes a few minutes.
  • You can write in smaller time segments. Our users’ experience is that you can set 35-45 minutes aside and write a scene / 900 words at least 3 times a day.

*free trial - 30 days
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Where authors get writing done

Try Asengana Project Management and Writing platform for free. You’ll stop wasting work with endless rewrites and manage better your time.

The cornerstone of any writing project
The cornerstone of any writing project

Manuscript Structure

Reorganize scenes and chapters using intuitive drag and drop. Next to the Chapter List is one of the many features that allows you to analyze and adjust the structure of your manuscript.

Reach deadlines with Daily Planning

The built-in Kanban tool offers complete flexibility, respecting the emotional nature of inspiration, and keeps you motivated to finish what you started.
You have better visibility over your writing process so you can see your progress and how the lifeline of your characters fits in the timeline of your story.

The cornerstone of any writing project

Character and Location management

View and edit every character and location in detail. Every profile includes useful information and connections with every scene in the manuscript based on POV or location selection.

Try Asengana for a better writing experience

30-day free trial – $6.75/month (billed yearly)

*free trial - 30 days
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