Asengana Writing Platform – arriving in 2019

storytelling freedom = well defined plotline

The way you should be writing

Unleash your creative power and write online, first sentence to final draft, using solid story architecture.
Kanban Board Asengana Online Writing Platform

Asengana Project Management

Reach efficiency through focus. The built-in Kanban tool offers complete flexibility, respecting the emotional nature of inspiration, and keeps you motivated to finish what you started.

The Asengana Way

Asengana is specifically designed for a singular type of user: the writer. It’s an efficient writing software with a friendly user interface –  Manuscript v1.0 PLANTSER. All you have to do is write.

The Asengana Way
Write Everywhere Asengana Online Writing Platform

Asengana Omni Tool

Asengana is the most efficient Omni Tool for a writer today. It combines a book writing software with an efficient project management system and useful analytics. One of the many unique features allows you to rapidly analyze and adjust the structure of your manuscript.

Asengana Analytics

You will get real insights into your character’s journey and the timeline of your story. We are developing analytics that go beyond the number of words you write every day.

Asengana Online Writing Platform

Early Majority

First year members
  • 20% off monthly subscription (50% if referred by an Early Adopter)
  • Access to 10 YEARS FREE  Membership
  • Delayed access to future beta developments
  • Yearly approved access to Asengana Award
  • Free access to Asengana MARKETPLACE

Late Majority

Starting 2018
  • Standard monthly subscription
  • Access to 5 YEARS FREE Membership
  • Yearly approved access to Asengana Award
  • Free access to Asengana MARKETPLACE

A whole new experience in story writing.

Create your novel, premise to final draft, using the writing software that lets you do all the effective story planning you need: logline, synopsis, timeline, chapters, scenes, analytics – from word count to graphic timelines and character’s map. Better time management, effective story planning, and useful analytics.