All your writing in one place.

We built Asengana – writing software, project management, and analytics – for you, THE WRITER.

You should be writing

Manuscript v1.0 Plantser

The efficiency of a writing software doesn’t come from the ease of typing only, but also from how it connects with the backbone of your book.

You can create your novel, premise to final draft, using a writing software that lets you do all the planning you need: logline, synopsis, timeline, chapters, and scenes.

All the research done for your book, characters’ files, settings, and the manuscript structure will be easily accessible in one place.

Real Project Management for Writers

Kanban Project Management

The beautiful thing about Kanban is that it follows the flow of accomplishing any task in real life, while helping you better organize your professional life. It eliminates the artificial pressure of deadlines, empowering you to carry out as much as you can in as much time as necessary.

We’ve adapted Kanban so that one can better organize your writing projects. We offer a tool that increases your productivity and offers valuable insights into your writing process.

Manuscript structure module

Change (drag & drop) the order or location of your scenes as your story develops.

You should be writing

Power of ownership over the publishing process

Our goal: create the best digital tools for writers.

We’re committed to providing writers a tool to assist with every need: research, writing a manuscript, collaborating with an editor or cover designer, marketing, or selling their books.

Do you work on your writing project (novel, short story) every day? Finding the time to write might be difficult when so many other activities require your attention. Until now you used different tools to do your research, to plan, and write the draft of your story just because they kind of got the job done. Asengana can offer you a simple and efficient way to do this in one place.

Once you find the best way to stay organized as a writer, are you willing to work hard and finish every writing project?

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