Thank you for becoming one of our early adopters.

We will launch the platform at the end of 2019. This is a detailed breakdown are the benefits for the early adopters:

50% off the monthly subscription price (the exception being if you suspend your account and want to reactivate it later).

We plan different prices level based on seniority. We don’t believe that we should offer new users promotional prices and ignore our current users. Therefore our subscription plans will be based on this structure:

  1. Early Adopters – 50% off the subscription price
  2. First Year Members – invitation only – 25% off the subscription price
  3. Members – after year one – 100% of the subscription price

Free 6 Months membership

From the moment we launch (late 2019), the platform access will be, for as long as possible, an invitation only community.
You will receive a free 6 months membership while everyone after launch will receive only 15 days as a trial period.

Access to the Asengana Ambassadors Club

As a member you will have your personal invitation link that will allow access to new members.
As new members accept your invitation you will receive up to 5 years of free membership.

Exclusive access to submissions for the first edition of the Asengana Writing Award

We will offer a substantial award for unpublished work. We think is right to offer the first award only to those persons that embarked with us in this journey from the start. It will be our way of giving back. 

While not all 5000 early adopters will wish to enter the contest, we still must process thousands of submissions. This will require planning, resources, and an increased number of team members. We’ll make the Asengana Writing Award’ rules public as soon as we have everything in place.

First use of new developments and access to the future Asengana Marketplace

Our plans don’t stop with creating a writing software and a project management tools for writers. We will create a marketplace based on common sense principles, a healthy writer’s community, and on the idea that an author’s income belongs to him. More details will come in due time.