How It Works

The First Project Management Platform for Writers

How It Works

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Account and writer’s profile management.

  1. Manage your personal information
  2. Activate badges for your achievements
  3. Create projects (10 in trial mode / 30 for premium accounts)
  4. Coming soon – Ambassador Program – invite your writer friends
  5. Coming soon: Payment and Suspend account system.


Project planning

  1. Create your project from scratch or use a template
  2. Start by creating your Character’s files first.
  3. Add Scene and Chapters as needed to define your Plot points
  4. Build your story’s structure defining premise, Summary, Outline, Synopsis, Timeline Summary, etc
  5. Define your Locations using our own sensory description fields and add Research Notes

Project Management


  1. Use Kanban Board to plan your work daily. Decide every day the Scenes you want to work on it and just write.
  2. Burndown Chart – decide when you want to finish your book and, based on the number of words estimated vs. written, know in every second if you’re going to reach your goal or not.


Writing Software and Manuscript Structure

  1. Write your story using an easy editor with Scene based navigation
  2. Focus your work using the Kanban feature
  3. Modify the Structure of your manuscript allocating and moving Scenes to any chapter.
  4. Coming soon: Beat-sheet Manuscript Structure


Project dashboard and analytics

  1. Check the status of your project at any moment.
  2. Verify your progress using the Burndown Chart and plan your work in the Kanban Board accordingly.
  3. Save and export your manuscript or the entire project.
  4. Coming soon: advanced analytics: Time Map, Charter Map and more.

Power of ownership over the publishing process

Our goal: create the best digital tools for writers. Period.

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