The cornerstone of a great writing project

Set the foundation for your writing success with the most powerful writing and project management software for authors.

Writing every day is difficult when you have a busy personal and professional life – but it doesn’t have to be!

Plan, write, and finish your book!

*30-day free trial. Starting from $6.75/month afterwards.

Plan and research your book

Keep all your research in one place. Plan your book from idea, outline, synopsis, plot structure to characters and locations’ sensory mapping.

Write your book distraction-free
Use templates to create the entire structure of your book, scene by scene – pre-defined plot points – write and manage your manuscript with enhanced tracking features.
Plan daily and monitor your progress
Real Kanban project management for authors and detailed insight into your character’s journey and the timeline of your story so you can focus and get into your writing mindset in seconds.
Get things done - from idea to eBook

You’ll stop wasting work with endless rewrites and manage better your time.
When you’re ready to get your book into the world, you can convert to ePub with one click – ready for publishing.


writing projects – short stories, novellas, and novels – started in Asengana by our members.

Current FEATURES – Asengana Writing and Project Management Platform:

  • Story Templates
  • Research Notes
  • Progressive Building Blocks
  • Character Profiles
  • Location Management
  • Manuscript v1.0 Planster
  • Manuscript Structure
  • Chapter List
  • Kanban Board and Card
  • Burndown Chart
  • Project Analytics
  • Time Map
  • Character Map
  • Export to ePub
  • and more…

Start writing today… or you can spend the rest of your days on the couch watching movies based on other people’s books.

*30-day free trial. Starting from $6.75/month afterwards.

Writing Software 1

Remember when you looked to your favourite books and wished you can write something as magical?
Writing a novel can be an arduous quest, peppered with messy affairs, bloody encounters, and sleepless nights. And the big question hanging over your head like a neon sign—”how can I turn my writing tricks into real magic?”
Asengana lays out in front of you the map for your quest to tap into that magic. You can now write like a hero who finds their story, releases it into the world, and returns home a professional writer.

Costi Gurgu

Costi’s fiction has appeared in Canada, the United States, and Europe. He has sold 6 books and over 80 stories for which he has won 27 awards,

Writing Software 2

The straightforward Four-Step plan to finishing your book

Easy to use. No need for additional courses or training to learn how to navigate the platform.

Step 01

PLAN a new project – short story, novella, or novel. Characters, Outline, Locations and more. Do your research.

Create a project


Timeline Summary


Logline & Premise






Research Notes



Step 02

Just WRITE. Modify your Manuscript Structure as needed.

Manuscript Structure



Chapter List

Step 03

OPTIMIZE your daily writing time with Kanban and Asengana Analytics.

Kanban Board

Time Map

Kanban Card

Character Map

Project Status

Burndown Chart

Step 04

FINISH your book and export in ePub format – READY TO PUBLISH ebook.

Export to ePub

Export to PDF

Export to Word

This is it!

Create your novel, from premise to final draft, with Asengana.
Use the writing software to do all the effective story planning you need: logline, synopsis, timeline, chapters, scenes, analytics – from word count to graphic timelines and character’s map.
Better time management, effective story planning, and useful analytics.

Plan, write, and finish your book!

*30-day free trial. Starting from $6.75/month afterwards.

So far we talked about what we can do for you.

You’re here because you have a story to share so others can enjoy the products of your imagination and learn from your experience.

While we can help you become a better writer, you are the one doing the writing. Since you don’t want to be the author of one of the 80% of published books where readers don’t read pass page 5, you can choose to do something about it.

Writing Software 3
Writing Software 4

Let’s talk about what you can do for yourself.

There are hundreds of thousands of writers published or self-published on Amazon and other book sellers’ platforms.

You can finish your book and beat the competition. Plan and structure it well. Write every day. Other authors may be more experienced than you are, but they will never outwork you if you don’t let them. That’s the one thing you can control.

Your writing sessions just got FASTER, EFFICIENT, and more PRODUCTIVE with the Asengana Writing Platform.

  • Daily planning with a Kanban Board allows you to focus on the number of scenes you plan to write in a day.
  • Refreshing your memory about the characters, locations, settings and place in the timeline of a scene takes minutes.
  • You can write in smaller writing sessions. We’ve seen writers get more done in a day by setting 35-45 minutes aside and writing one scene, around 900 words, three times per day. 
Writing Software 5

If you’re going to invest money into a writing software, you deserve a smart and easy-to-use solution.

It takes more than a proficient writing process to turn a blank page into a novel.

It’s a journey from a writer distracted by the use of multiple tools – for writing, time and project management – to being an author capable to plan efficiently and write multiple books at the same time using one platform.

*30-day free trial
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Writing Software 6
The cornerstone of any writing project

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