Short Story structure – cheat sheet

When we started building Asengana, we knew the project management concepts we want it to apply. We also had a long list of requirements gathered from the writers that were very helpful. In the middle of all this, there were my own experiences as a writer and the ways I used to keep me organized. Having at least three different pieces of software I was using for writing, research, creating a structure, plotting it was a mess.

The first proof-of-concept or better said the first step in creating the informational architecture for the writing platform was an Excel sheet. I used it to write short stories, from structure to tracking the number of words written. While it includes a complete three acts structure, I didn’t follow it exactly for all my stories.

Until we launch the platform in October and you’ll have a full-featured project management and writing, maybe this document will help you write your short stories faster. I’ve also listed the books I used as bibliography when I first created the document. I have to say that Techniques of the Selling Writer by Dwight Swain is a book I go back to regularly, even for the simple pleasure of reading it again.


Download Short Story Cheat Sheet