Author: Emanuel

Your book vs. This Year’s Bestseller. The winner is…

Do the opposite. Buy the book. Read the book. Realize that is better than yours; better written, with a better story architecture. Let the pain and the humiliation flood you mind, crush your thoughts of greatness. Then swim to the surface of the ocean of sorrow you’re in and start writing your next book.

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Less Internet More Cabernet

The other 1% are really facing writer’s block and is an excruciating experience. It’s like your hand are tied, your brain is frozen, and your soul is engulfed in darkness. The more it hurts, the more it pulls you in. 

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Bestseller by the end of the week

One week bestsellers have years of work to support them. Not only in honing your writing skills, but in making yourself known as a person who is worth reading. It’s the snowball effect that you should be focused on.

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The meaning of literary genre

Literary genre is used by bookstores to separate books into different sections. It’s also a matter of life and death for many readers/writers to assign a genre or not to the book of another writer.

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Good advice

There goes out the window the general definition for good advice. I care not if is critique or feedback, or just mean and cynical advice. If it motivates me to keep doing what I do is good enough for me.

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