Author: Emanuel

It’s called writing skills for a reason

If you practice, you’ll see improvement. If you don’t practice, you won’t. It’s that simple. Saying “I can’t do it” is self-defeating and does nothing for you. Sometimes it’s difficult to see the improvement you’ve made in your writing. But trust me, your readers notice. That is one of the gifts of publishing – getting real feedback about your progress from your readers.

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Do you think writers are broke and ignorant? I don’t think so.

The constructive feedback kept coming. Our Concierge – Jira Service Desk – proves to be a very easy to use and efficient communication tool. It’s a pleasure to answer back to writers and tell them “Hey, we made last night the change you suggested. Please check and let us know if it’s what you needed. Also, thank you because we are sure the other writers will benefit from it too.”
And then comes the other type of feedback revolving around the next two ideas…

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