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The beta reader review – Wise Guy: Lessons from a Life

February 26, 2019

The beta reader review – Wise Guy: Lessons from a Life – Guy Kawasaki

I still have to find myself in a group of people where nobody knows who Guy Kawasaki is. Like most people reading this review, I’m a fan of the man for many years. I’m also privileged to be a beta reader for the Wise Guy. And yes, it means exactly what you think: I read the book before you and I read a version that still had the editor comments on some pages.

I bought and read all his books and gave quite a few of them as gifts because there are few presents more suited for the people you care about than Guy Kawasaki’s books.

Enough with the intro. About the book now. It felt personal like none of his other books so far. This book is a genuine face to face with Guy, sitting on the beach, listening to the waves and his voice telling his life story as is. No filter, no excuses, no holding back.

It’s the story of a person that had been a witness or contributor to writing a part of the modern history of our culture. It’s also the story of a father raising wonderful kids and a man following his passions from cars to surfing.

Beyond the universal character of his advice, I think every reader resonates differently with the book because you can’t help but identify or find relatable situations to your own life experiences.

For me the most important piece of wisdom was in two words: “So what?”
To put things in perspective and approaching any situation with the right mindset is probably one of the most important life skills you need. Reading Wise Guy can help with this.  

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