Writing every day is difficult when you have a busy personal and professional life – but it doesn’t have to!

We built the first Project Management platform for writers with Kanban and Burndown Chart modules so you can improve your efficiency by making accurate estimates about the future work you need to finish your book.

You just write

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Create your novel, premise to final draft, using a writing software that lets you do all the planning you need.

You have Characters and Locations modules so you can have the prerequisites for writing every scene.

Manuscript v1.0 Plantser is built so you can write scene by scene, change the structure and manage every individual scene with a click.

*free trial - 30 days
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Visualize and gain insights into your work.

We built an Analytics module with better visibility over your writing process so you can instantly know if you’re progressing as planned and how the lifeline of your characters fits in the timeline of your story with Time Map.


You do the writing.
We’ll do the rest.

Try Asengana Project Management and Writing platform during three months for free. You’ll stop wasting work with endless rewrites and manage better your time.

Your writing sessions just got FASTER, EFFICIENT, and more PRODUCTIVE

  • Daily planning with a Scene Kanban Board allows you to focus on the number of scenes you plan to write in a day.
  • Refreshing your information about the character, location, settings and place in the timeline of a scene takes a few minutes.
  • You can write in smaller time segments. Our users’ experience is that you can set 35-45 minutes aside and write a scene / 900 words at least 3 times a day.

*free trial - 30 days
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