An Author, an AI and a Typewriter enter into a bar…

by Emanuel

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February 1, 2024
Corona typewriter

We live interesting times. The literary world is experiencing a thrilling transformation. Technology, with all its advances, brings a delightful paradox to our creative endeavors. As writers, we stand at the crossroads of tradition and innovation, where the charm of a vintage typewriter meets the cutting-edge assistance of AI and sophisticated writing software.

While I keep writing on my computer with the software we built for this, lately I discovered the guilty pleasure of time traveling. I cherish my moments of “time travel”, where a glass of wine, the tactile feel of typewriter keys, and the ambient sounds of a bygone era coalesce into a multi-sensory writing experience.
It started with Royal 10 typewriter from 1929. I got this typewriter free. It needed a lot of love and a few fixes so I searched for somebody who can make it better. This is how I met Chris from Toronto Typewriters. As hoped, I got so much than what I searched. I spent an entire day listening to his stories about his amazing typewriters collection and thought: “This is one lucky man that managed to transform his passion into a profession.” I know it all reads like I geek out on all this and I did! You cannot love the writing process and not be charmed by typewriters and the experience of having one or even better to start collecting.
While my cherished Royal 10 got ready for a tune-up, my heart was riding the rollercoaster of so many typewriters and their history. Of course, I needed a new one!

I looked at a Corona Flat Top from 1940. It had her own history, which added to the charm. It was used in a movie called “Middle School” and came with the certificate of authenticity. When it whispered to me, “Take me home”, I did.
I’ve integrated these traditional experiences with modern efficiencies. While I use a writing software that we developed, and engage with AI tools like ChatGPT for research (still love to write my stories on my own) I find that these technologies do not diminish, but rather enhance, the pleasure of writing. Whether it’s drafting on paper or on a digital platform, each tool adds its unique texture to my creative universe.

But why should you, as a writer, care about this blend of old and new?
Imagine a platform where the nostalgia of a typewriter and the efficiency of modern technology come together. Where you can experience the tactile joy of typing, while also having access to advanced features like character development tools, plot structuring aids, and AI-powered research assistance. This is what platforms like Asengana offer – a harmonious blend that respects the artistry of traditional writing while embracing the convenience and power of modern technology.
Take the Corona Flat Top typewriter from the 1940s – not just a relic, but a symbol of storytelling’s golden era. Its square lines, round keys, and distinct ‘click’ connect us to a time when each word was a deliberate choice. Now, imagine combining this mindful approach with contemporary tools that streamline the writing process, provide analytical insights, and even assist in getting your work ready for publication.

Asengana isn’t just about writing software; it’s about creating an environment where the romance of writing meets the efficiency of technology. It’s about giving you a space where your creativity can flourish, unencumbered by the mundane aspects of the writing process.
In conclusion, whether you’re typing on a vintage Corona or drafting your next novel on Asengana, remember that the essence of writing remains – it’s a human endeavor, a creative act that transcends time and technology. Asengana is here to enhance that experience, blending tradition with innovation, to help you write not just with efficiency, but with joy and a sense of connection to the great writers who came before us.

Here is the story of my new typewriter, as adapted from the narrative Chris shared with me. Through this, you’ll grasp why a typewriter is more than just a writing tool – it’s an artifact rich in history and experience.

Corona typewriter

Behold the Corona Flat Top, a cherished gem from the 1940s, embodying the quintessential spirit of an era revered for its artisanship and attention to detail. This typewriter, with its classic gray crinkle finish and sturdy, square-lined design, represents a seamless fusion of functionality and aesthetic grace. Every aspect, from the solid, reassuring feel of its round keys to the rhythmic dance of the typebars, resonates with a story of the past.
In every click and clack of the keys, there’s a symphony that harks back to a time when writing was not just an act but a deliberate art form. The Corona Flat Top stands as a testament to this era, its design a tribute to the precision and elegance that defined the 1940s. It’s a tangible piece of history that connects us to the storied past of storytelling and writing.

As your fingers dance across its keys, you’re not just typing words; you’re weaving a tapestry of thoughts and stories, imbued with the same passion and dedication that writers of yesteryears poured into their manuscripts. This typewriter isn’t merely an instrument for writing; it’s a portal to a bygone era, a time machine that takes you back to the golden age of writing, where every letter printed on paper is a reflection of meticulous craftsmanship.
The Corona Flat Top is more than an antique; it’s a living, breathing entity that has witnessed decades of evolving narratives and changing hands. It has seen stories of love, adventure, and intrigue spill across its keys, each leaving an indelible mark on its seasoned frame. Owning and using this typewriter is not just about the physical act of writing; it’s about embracing and becoming a part of this rich legacy.

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