What can Asengana Writing Platform do for me?

July 27, 2018

Asengana is a SaaS (Software as a Service) platform. It is a collection of online writing software and project management tools for writers based on Kanban method. The functionalities of the platform are consolidated towards managing your book as a project.

The modules you have access in the beginning are:

Manuscript Module – Manuscript v1.0 PLANTSER

The Manuscript module gives access to full content of your story, one-page view, and an easy way to navigate to a specific chapter or scene.

Project Management Module – Asengana Kanban v1.0

Instead of using various software or paper to save/organize your research notes, location descriptions, character profiles and so on, the Project Management menu allows to keep everything structured and easy to reach. A major advantage is the enhanced component allowing for embedded video, images and Google Map localization.

Analytics Module

We provide analytics that go beyond the number of words you write every day.  You will have statistics of the number of written words, but also analytics based on the project management tool, so you could plan better and meet your deadline.

Export and Backup Module

You can activate the auto-save feature and save several different drafts for each book. You can export the Manuscript as well as the entire project in case you are writing a series and you want to create a new project using the same characters/locations/etc.

We are also working on the functionality to export your project to external online file hosting services (Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.)

Power of ownership over the publishing process

Our goal: create the best digital tools for writers. 

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