Good advice

by Emanuel

2019, Asengana, Writing life
March 27, 2019

Everybody I know will give me advice, often unsolicited and always good advice. At least that is what they think of it.

While it might seem like the safest path into the dark forest of life, most advice has a tendency to preserve the status quo.
Why do you want to sacrifice three years from your life to build an online writing and project management tool? It will not work.
What you need now is a job. Just dumb down your CV, delete 50% of your qualifications and hide half of your job descriptions so you can get a job. Be smart!

Be smart!!??

There goes out the window the general definition for good advice. I care not if it’s a critique or feedback or just mean and cynical advice. If it motivates me to keep doing what I’m doing is good enough for me.

Somehow my friends, who are also writers, are not in a rush to give advice. And when they do, is different advice. Dreamers, universes creators have a unique approach to life. It comes through sacrifices and solitude filters and always motivates me to move forward.

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