May 29, 2019

By Emanuel

Congrats! You are so well hidden that even Google can’t find you.

Unless you’re one of those famous writers that completely hide from the world, you better have a blog, a Facebook page, a Twitter account, and anything else that will make you easy to find.

What if for a first time user, your book is just a book and becomes a book he/she wants to read only after knowing something about the man/woman behind the author’s name?

I know I am. I’m not going to read a self-published book unless there is story behind it. If the author doesn’t have a story, the book is not worth it.


Power of ownership over the publishing process

Our goal: create the best digital tools for writers. Period.

Asengana Writing Platform has the tools to get your book finished. Think of it as taking in it to the next level. When you use the right tool, you are more productive and you write better and faster. 

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