How much is your book worth to you?

April 6, 2019

by Emanuel

2019, Asengana, Writing life

Not taking in consideration the ghost writer activity, how much is your book worth to you if somebody will offer to buy it?

Not just buy a book. Buy THE BOOK. Buy every right you have on it on perpetuity, including the right to remove your name as an author. That person will offer you an amount of money so you give up your literary baby, your work of art, your book completely.

How much will you ask for it? Is it a book as an entity priceless?

How much is your book worth to you?

Start writing now… or you can spend your time on the couch watching movies based on other people’s books.

Set the foundation for your writing success with a powerful writing and project management software for authors.

Plan and research your book

Keep all your research in one place. Plan your book from idea, outline, synopsis, plot structure to characters and locations’ sensory mapping.

Write your book distraction-free

Use templates to create the entire structure of your book, scene by scene – pre-defined plot points – write and manage your manuscript with enhanced tracking features.

Plan daily and monitor your progress

Real Kanban project management for authors and detailed insight into your character’s journey and the timeline of your story so you can focus and get into your writing mindset in seconds.

Get things done - from idea to eBook

You’ll stop wasting work with endless rewrites and manage better your time and when you’re ready to get your book into the world, you can convert to ePub with one click – ready for publishing.

It takes more than a proficient writing process to turn a blank page into a novel.

It’s a journey from a writer distracted by the use of multiple tools – for writing, time and project management – to being an author capable to plan efficiently and write multiple books at the same time using one platform.

Plan, write, and finish your book!

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