How to write a bestseller? Answer: You don’t.

June 3, 2019

There is no such thing as writing a bestseller. A bestseller is not a book you write. It’s product.

That’s right. You can write a good Final Draft. That’s it.

A bestseller is a product sold in big numbers. A product resulting from the collective work of a writer, a literary agent, a cover designer, an editor, a marketing team, an online store or a bookshop, and many more.

You can be a good writer and write a great book, but so can at least another 300,000 people only in North America.

You might be lucky or talented enough to get away with a cover you designed. You might have a small but passionate group of readers that will aggressively promote your book. Your book will be a bestseller only if you understand that it’s a product which needs investment in editing services and much more.

Editors and literary agents are the new gods of the publishing industry no matter if traditional or indie. Quality matters, even for a self-published book.

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