by Emanuel

Less Internet More Cabernet

May 24, 2019

There’s wisdom in the simple sentences. They get to the point. For the wisest of us it’s always this way.

Things get complicated when you’re lazy. Laziness coming with putting a lot of effort in finding excuses not to do something. Yes, you’re right: more effort than actually just doing that something.

Creative block (writer’s block) is a real thing.

What’s also real is 99% of writers will use the term as an excuse for not doing things. “I don’t plan or plot. My words just flow. I also spend 80% of my time complaining on Facebook about my writer’s block.”

The other 1% are really facing writer’s block and is an excruciating experience. It’s like your hand are tied, it freezes your brain, and it engulf your soul in darkness. The more it hurts, the more it pulls you in.

I don’t know what works for you, but for me is a simple sentence: Less Internet More Cabernet. I enjoy my life and find pleasure in a lot of things, but for every situation when I hit the wall, a glass of red wine does miracles. I couldn’t help but creating portable reminders of this. See the Enjoy Life link below.

For everybody else feeling judgmental based on location (Europe –  just a glass of wine is ruining the party; North America – a glass of wine – you’re an alcoholic), or cultural/religious predisposition (prohibition fan/alcohol is forbidden), please find your own way to deal with the hardships of life and let me enjoy mine. Thank you.

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