Something you forgot

May 17, 2019

By Emanuel

You forgot somebody while moving forward with your writing career. Go back.

While thinking about your next book when this one is not finished, trying to self-publish or find a publishing house, or when you decide that the best editor for your book is yourself, you are just letting yourself distracted with less important problems.

The real problem is that you forgot the first reader that was emotionally involved in reading your book. You didn’t even thought about thanking him because now you have you mind occupied with the hundreds, thousands of readers your book needs. You need a solution to reach thousands and you’re wrong.

Go back. Go back to the first stranger that read your book and find it life changing. This if what you wrote isn’t just an imitation of a real book.

Go back and make him/her part of your team. He is the best weapon of mass distribution at your disposal. The best seller status is something won one reader at a time.

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