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January 13, 2017

What if a head-in-the-clouds project manager and a team of down-to-earth developers decided to shape the future of writing to your liking?


The art and the masterful profession of being a writer are ever-changing. We are witnessing a continuous metamorphosis of the self-publishing industry.  It’s a business fact. It requires the writer to organize, to improve, to keep a fast pace, and to deliver. While the journey toward the final draft goes through the same stages, the means of transportation might differ.

Asengana - writer

We’re building the Asengana Online Writing Platform knowing that writers need to set free their imagination, lose themselves in storytelling and unleash their creativity. It’s  about enjoying the actual compelling work of laying the words down – writing online, first sentence to the last draft.

I’m a writer and I’m also a hell of a project manager. Other people have dreams, I have plans. My daily life is ruled by Kanban project management. My purpose is to make the best of every minute. I assign each of the 1440 minutes in a day for actions that make me happy, more efficient and get me closer to my goals.

If you are looking for somebody to trust with the creation of a project management tool and online writing software, my team is up to the challenge. We strive to get you to be more focused on writing and able to follow your progress.

A book is a project that needs:

Planning: create logline, premise, synopsis, timeline, characters, number of chapters, scenes, and much more.

Execution: transform the original idea, using the elements defined above, into a manuscript, and take it to the final draft.

Monitoring:  use Asengana Analytics from word count to graphic timelines and character’s map.

Completion: partner with the right editor to bring clarity, fix issues, and improve your narrative without changing your voice.

Go live: find a publisher or self-publish your book.

The first version of our online writing platform, Asengana 1.0, will provide you with the best tools to accomplish the first three stages: planning, execution and monitoring. After the launching of the platform mid-2016, we will review and implement the last two stages.

We will shape the future of writing together with an efficient method for writing your story; also we are working on how to get your book reader-ready while having you fairly compensated for your work and talent.

This is our goal: the Asengana Online Writing Platform will offer you full creative freedom using effective story planning!

The future developments of Asengana will provide you with efficient ways to collaborate with editors, publish and sell your book. And how about a global community of +10.000 writers that will support you and vote in Asengana’s online literary contests based on the quality of your writing? A community motivated to promote, buy, read, and review your book?

Power of ownership over the publishing process

Our goal: create the best digital tools for writers. 

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