by Emanuel

The price of a new book

February 20, 2019

You clicked published and you have to wait for Amazon to accept your book and add it to their online shop. Great! Now you’re a self-published author.

What price did you set for your book and why? Did you go for over $9.99 because your book is worth it? If you have passionate readers that are holding their breath to order your new book, you will see a profit.

But what if is one of your first books and the other didn’t sell too much? 

You could announce your book on your social media networks and your online groups, at work, to your email list, and to anybody that listens. Those interested might do the minimum effort of going to the link you sent and check the “Look inside” option on Amazon. They will read the first pages and like it. The next step will be to think: “I should buy this book”.

The last obstacle in their action to buy your book and your way to success is the price.

How much do you think an acquaintance or even a friend will risk paying for a book that might or might not be good, just because they know you?

Is it possible that a reader might risk a small amount of money for an unknown book?

Is it also possible a person will pay more after reading the book if liked?

How about an online shop from where you can download a book for free and you can pay the price or not after you read it?


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