To be remarkable and enchant readers

by Emanuel

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February 19, 2019

Literary genre should help differentiate books. Business logo, mission, and vision should help differentiate your product from others perceived as similar.

Perceived as similar is what happens to most writers. When I’m asked, “So, you’re a writer, what do you write?”, I usually answer: “Science Fiction.” And when I explain what the book I’m working about is, I realize that the person in front of me is already paying attention to somebody else.
I lost the opportunity to sell my book because I wasn’t trying to be remarkable. And if I, the writer, the wizard of words, am not capable of captivating one person, how will I enchant millions?

So from now on I will start differently: “What if the creation of the binary artificial intelligence is impossible? What if the smallest amount of research in a different direction will offer us immortality in less than 10 years?”
Maybe the challenge of thinking about an extraordinary hypothesis will help him/her remember me as a remarkable person. Maybe he/she is one of those always searching for the new great idea, willing to read a new book with an attractive premise. Because these types of people definitely will tell others about it.

The same applies to businesses. While building Asengana, we thought about how we will compete with other desktop or online solutions that could be perceived as similar. Initially, we wanted to build a good online writing software.
We got back to rethinking what the writers want and discovered that the writers have different ways of structuring their stories. Most of them have not only the need of a tool to create a better story architecture, but also of a tool to help them organize their writing better. They needed project management. And this is something we know a lot about it.

We’re building something remarkable: a project management tool for writers with a different type of analytics and so much more. And this year you will use it.

Start writing now… or you can spend your time on the couch watching movies based on other people's books.

Lay the groundwork for your future success as a storyteller by using the most powerful writing & project management software for authors.

Plan and research your book

Keep all your research in one place. Confidently plan for the elements of your book, no matter how complex: idea, outline, synopsis, plot structure, characters and sensory mapping of locations.

Write daily and monitor your progress

Real Kanban project management for authors. Swiftly accessing the timeline and the detailed insight of your character’s journey will help you focus and nurture your writing mindset.

Write your book distraction-free

Save time with our manuscript structure templates. They will guide you scene by scene, offering pre-defined plot points. Enhanced tracking features enable effortless getting back into writing.

Get things done - idea to eBook

No more wasting time on endless rewrites. Structured creativity thanks to productive persistence.
When you decide your book is ready for the world, the ePub convertor is one click away. Congratulations, you are ready to publish!


It takes more than a proficient writing process to turn a blank page into a novel.

It’s a journey from a writer distracted by the use of multiple tools - for writing, time and project management - to being an author capable to plan efficiently and write multiple books at the same time using one platform.

Plan, write, and finish your book!

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