What do you wear when you write?

April 18, 2019

By Emanuel

What do you wear when you write? This is a serious question. It goes to the nature of writing, to the way writing has become a part of your life.

Do you dress in something comfortable and write in the warmth of your home? Do you wear your normal clothes when you go to write in a coffee shop or at the library (in my case the Toronto Reference Library, a real writer’s heaven)?

You’re a writer. An artist. You use words to enhance people’s emotions and teleport them in the imaginary universe you’re building. Maybe your mind will work better if your body follows.

What if you would write steampunk while wearing appropriate clothing? What if the scene from the story that takes place around Taj Mahal will be written better if you would wear a Sikh turban?

What do you wear when you write? How important is for you to get under the skin of your characters by getting inside their clothes?

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