by Emanuel

Why are you afraid of plotting your story?

May 21, 2019

Why do you “meh!” when a fellow writer advises you to plot your story after you “cried wolf”- you just complained to everybody about your huge writer’s block.

Writing words is easy. You somehow assimilate yourself to your hero /heroine and live their journey. You forget that the hero’s journey in your book is not about you (even for your memoirs).

You are satisfied by your skill of writing thousands of words. And you blame the world that doesn’t understand you for the continuous list of rejections. You ignore the subtle or not-so-subtle feedback about the lack of logic of your story, the inconsistency of the characters or the lack of professional editing and keep writing until you hit the writer’s block and you complain.

The process of story planning, the plotting is the red pill (Matrix reference). You take it and you discover that solid story architecture is the key to moving. It makes sense to have separate files for every character, location, and research note. You decide the number of chapters and the types of scenes before you start writing. You go through the process of writing down a logline, a premise, a timeline, the outline, and the synopsis.

You discover the real writer’s freedom.

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