Important monthly updates – Time Map – March 2020

by Emanuel

Monthly Product Release Update
March 31, 2020

First of all, stay home and take care of yourselves. We’re doing the same and, for now, our work on the Asengana platform is on schedule.

The Early Adopters period is over. We’re moving to normal subscription. It makes sense to give more free access to our writers, even if it will affect our self-funding plans. We’re bootstrapping, meaning that we build everything with our money and time. We suffer the consequences of the current situation, as does everybody: we work full-time jobs/remote jobs/ we-don’t-know-what-the-future-holds jobs.

The primary plans: polishing the writing and project management platform and building a sales and digital marketing platform for writers are on track. What we’ll delay are the editors and writing contests modules.


Time Map

We’re finally revealing Time Map. This is one of the most important analytics tools that you’ll use as a writer. It’s structured as a vertical timeline based on the born/dead dates for your characters and the date for every scene.

Time Map allows to see the flow of events and to notice discrepancies as, for example, if a character died before a scene happens where the same character is you POV. Joking aside, if it’s the ghost of one of your characters it should be defined as a new one. The point of view for somebody from the other side is quite different than the one of the living.

You have a screenshot below of the Time Map for a short story. For a full novel, this tool will be so much more useful and relevant for your work.

Time Map


The payments module is live. At one moment we need to charge for the products and services we provide. Even if it will starts 3 months later, we will need money in order to keep building the platform.


This is it for March 2020. Thank you. Remember to share the news of the platform with your writer friends and use our Concierge Service Desk for comments and feedback.

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