Your book vs. This Year’s Bestseller. The winner is…

June 19, 2019
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By Emanuel

You’re an author and you just published a book. You think is a good book. It is a good book because you wrote it. Hundreds of hours of work and a lot of heart went into it. And still… Your book is just one of the others books. It’s not a bestseller. Most of the time, you consciously avoid even to think about that book, the bestseller on number one on the NYT list.

Do the opposite. Buy the book. Read the book. Realize that is better than yours; better written, with a better story architecture. Let the pain and the humiliation flood you mind, crush your thoughts of greatness. Then swim to the surface of the ocean of sorrow you’re in and start writing your next book.

Start a new fight against the bestseller: your future book vs. the bestseller. Drop any excuses. Realize that the other book is better because it was written smarter by a person who worked harder. The other writer humbly learned the lesson you’re learning now.

Start a new war against your former self. 


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