Major monthly updates – Research Notes – February 2021

by Emanuel

March 13, 2021
Monthly Product Release Update

In the last 3 months we noticed an increase in the number of writers that decide to buy an annual membership. We asked some of them about it and they had two reasons:

  1.  A 25% discount is significant. Money matters, therefore I’m glad we offered this.
  2. The main idea for the second reason was that it takes 2-6 months to plan for a novel before writing the first scene. It made sense since I’m doing the same with my writing projects.

Writing Platform Updates

  1. Enhanced Research Notes

The second reason changed our list of priorities, and in February, we worked on improving Research Notes. We already developed a one page UX for it. Now we added a second level of Subnotes. As you can see in the screenshot, this allows you to have a world building wiki approach to your Research Notes (It’s a not a World building tool yet, but we’re getting there).

You can have the main Notes as world building components – Geography, People, Culture, Economy and others – while detailing each one of them.

We also improved on the way the editor is cleaning the content you copy from a website as research. In this one, we used a text from Wikipedia. The images (also ads on the webpage) are automatically removed, leaving the content you need.

Distraction Free Writing

2. Next Steps

Another pattern we observed was of writers creating a trial account just to generate eBooks. We hope they will come back when they write their next book, but for now we’re happy that we could offer a better way of formatting an ePub. It all started with this article Convert all your stories to eBooks (ePub) for FREE with Asengana in 30 days.

We added on the priority list the option to export POD (Print on Demand) PDF format for Ideally we should offer you a content PDF file that can be uploaded without issues. You’ll need to add the front and back cover file separately and we’re working on something that will generate this too.

This is it for February 2021. Remember to share the news of the platform with your writer friends and use our Concierge Service Desk for comments and feedback.

Happy writing!

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