The lemming gene and the writer’s choice of a premise

May 3, 2019

By Emanuel

All has been already told or, better said, the majority of the words you’re using has already been used by somebody else. This is just communication skills; using repetitive patterns in order to find a common ground in interacting within our species.

The lemming in us is required to ensure our survival, our NOW.

Writing is different. Is about the CREATING THE FUTURE. A writer uses the same words as you not just to state facts, but to create new worlds.

You can’t help to notice that are lemmings among writers too. For every original writer there are hundreds of copycat writers. I’m not talking about fan fiction here. If you feel the need to ride somebody else fame wave, don’t do it. Nobody cares about it and you don’t get to call yourself a writer. You don’t.

Let the lemming’ gene direct your day-to-day life or not. If you decide to be a writer, start working hard and find your own voice.


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