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Good advice

There goes out the window the general definition for good advice. I care not if is critique or feedback, or just mean and cynical advice. If it motivates me to keep doing what I do is good enough for me.

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Would you buy a book because…

Would you really buy a book because…
Everyone else is reading it?
It has thousands of 5* reviews on Amazon?
You think the person who wrote the 1* review is an idiot which means the book is good?
One of your friends wrote it?
You like the cover?

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What it takes to become a writer?

Unyielding work ethic
Building a start-up means you have to decide what you will do and also what you won’t. Believe in your dream, work day and night and never compromise. It sounds difficult because it is. I can vouch for this with every night when I wake up searching my notepad under the bed to write an idea.
There isn’t any writer consumed by the drive to write who doesn’t understand what I wrote above.

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